My very first! 

(And I met an actor who was in The Lord of the Rings films, so with that literary connection, I figured it’s good enough to blog about.) 😁

Okay! So at the weekend I went to Bournemouth Film and Comic Con. (I got the ticket as part of my Christmas present, so have been waiting for EVER to go) and the weeks leading up to it were spent going on the website to check out the guest list. Which was addictive, and mostly consisted of me going ‘who?’ ‘Who’s that?’ ‘Never heard of him.’ A bit disappointing, but saved me spending a fortune on signatures. 

I think they’ve only had two cons there in the past, so not sure what the turnout was like before…but I’ve seen pics (probably from the first), where the lobby was bustling with people. Now I’m not a huge fan of crowds, but I like a decent amount of people to invoke a bit of atmosphere. Maybe it’s because I had an early bird ticket…but I walked in an it was close to deserted. The impressive Crowd Shot I had planned didn’t happen, because they simply weren’t there!

It wasn’t deserted though, and all the extra space let us check out every stall for as long as we liked. (Until eleven, when they’d let the next wave in.) And I wasnt nieve enough to wait before buying something, and come back for it later, especially if there was only one of something, and it was five to eleven! Which is how I came to buy Squirrel Girl – my absolute favourite purchase of the day. 

What do you think? Cute, right?

Early entry meant not hanging around in long queues where the guests were seated (throughout the whole day I think the longest queue I saw consisted of less than ten people). My first stop was – Dave Prowse! But he wasn’t there yet, so…John Rhys-Davies! Who is such a nice guy. Really friendly and chatty, you end up an even bigger fan after meeting him in person. Those were the only two I knew. A good way to stop me spending more money lol.

Check it out! Darth Vader and Gimli. What a pair.

I also went to John’s talk, which was great. He mentioned his own struggle and failure to read TLOTR. (You have to admire the irony), and I was happy not being the only one who couldn’t get into them!

Despite having paid fifty five pounds on autographs, I wanted to “buy all the things” (direct quote), but perhaps it should have been ‘spend all the money,’ because that’s exactly what I did. Hopefully next time I won’t get so carried away. 🙈 #NoShame 

But it was such a good day, with a fun atmosphere, and I think we were there for…five hours? Maybe a bit more? Considering it’s only two rooms that’s quite good going, and the time went fast. Now I’m looking forward to going to another one, and at some point the one on London. Been wanting to go there for years!